Real-Time Operations Management Platform

Checkit’s Platform provides the technology to ensure the efficient execution of routine activities, providing top to bottom visibility of work as it happens.

For frontline staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. For supervisors it automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers it creates broad control and consistency, providing continual insights across the business.


Work Management

Guide and prompt the work and activity of your frontline staff

Moving tasks and workflows from paper to digital improves efficiency and consistency and frees up staff to do their real job.

Automated temperature monitoring sensors for fridges and freezers


Automated Monitoring

Automate, schedule and monitor your routine tasks and processes

Wireless sensors keep watch over important assets and equipment. Alerts and reports allow supervisors and managers to respond and take immediate action.


Operational Insight

Complete visibility of issues, trends and compliance allows you to drive performance

Business intelligence dashboards give you the performance data to drive and support continual improvement throughout your organization.

The Checkit Platform

Checkit services are delivered on a leading edge, industrial scale Internet Platform.
That means reliability, security and a common way to manage across different services.

One simple subscription

Cloud software + data storage + integrated hardware + support

Highly scalable

Single site to complex enterprise

Advanced solutions

Flexible, business-driven configuration without complex IT