Work Management

Changing the way you manage people and compliance

With Checkit, your staff carry out the right tasks, the right way, without fail.

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Improve efficiency.
Reduce risk. Take control.

When you rely on people to carry out essential tasks and record them for compliance purposes, there is always uncertainty about what was done by whom and when.

Checkit solves this problem, replacing paper-based systems with a centralized, interactive cloud-based way of managing the multitude of tasks that staff are required to carry out on a daily basis.

Ensuring consistent, high standards

Checkit’s interactive checklists actively prompt staff to perform tasks when and where they are required. Completed tasks are time-stamped and sent to the cloud to provide a complete audit trail of work carried out and issues that have arisen.

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Hassle Free Compliance

Checkit enables every type of business to transform the way they manage food, hygiene and facilities tasks, ensuring staff carry them out the right way- without fail. Now you can protect your business and be inspection ready every day for:

  • Heath & safety and quality management
  • Facilities management
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Real-time control and visibility for managers

The Checkit control center enables managers to define, automate and enforce compliance across the business.

  • Dynamic checklists guide staff through tasks and corrective actions
  • Point and click checklist building
  • Corrective action capture
  • Sensor management
  • Alert generation and escalation
  • Centralized, audit ready reporting
  • All health, safety and facilities management operations covered

Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need

  • Cloud based software: Nothing to install, manage or keep up to date; accessible from anywhere
  • Secure data storage: Data held in highly secure data centers, regularly backed up, always available
  • Hardware included: System hardware included in subscription packages
  • Support and information: Feedback and help with problems
  • Remote care: Cloud and internet connections simplify and speed up diagnosing and helping with problems

These benefits are available in a Peace of Mind solution for seamless operation.

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What our customers say about Checkit:

Automatically scheduling work for team members makes our teams much more 

efficientsafeguarding our reputation for food safety & good practice.”

Head Chef


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