Work Management

Changing the way you manage people and compliance

Smart, easy to configure and use digital checklists to take control of front line work, making sure that the right people do the right thing in the right place at the right time.

Supports everything from out of the box checklists for routine processes such as food safety to complex multi-site configurations and integrations.


  • Improve efficiency. Reduce risk. Take control
  • Replace paperwork with real work
  • Ensure consistent, high standards
  • Gain real-time multi-site visibility from any location
  • Works offline for deliveries and mobile workers
  • Centralise compliance, auditing and reporting

What it does

  • Works on Andriod or our handheld: The Memo
  • Prompts and guides staff
  • Automates and schedules routine tasks
  • Creates checks for  time delays, (expiry dates) temperature and scheduled or unscheduled tasks
  • Sends completed time-stamped tasks to the cloud
  • Generates alerts and escalations
  • Captures corrective actions
  • Benchmarks performance


  • Point and click checklist building
  • Alert management and reporting
  • Location aware checks and QR code scanning
  • Photos and notes
  • Document distribution
  • Sound notifications
  • Internationalised
  • Secure data storage


For front line workers: simple, powerful digital checklists and processes

Clear, easy to understand screens show what needs doing and when, guiding users through process steps and decisions. Checks, temperatures and photos captured at the click of a button to provide clear records.

Results and work can connect seamlessly to the real world: temperatures taken wirelessly; locations sensed and used to direct work using Checkpoints and QR codes.

Use our robust, hygienic device - The Memo or download the Checkit App to your Android phone or tablet.

Checkit Checklists app and temperature probe


For supervisors: tools to keep on top of compliance and performance

The Checkit Control Center makes it easy to manage teams and deal with alerts when issues and non-compliances are detected.

Alert handling creates a clear log of what needs attention and an audit trail of what’s been done, while built-in escalations draw attention to ongoing problems and issues.

Detailed reporting provides clear evidence of how the business is working, simplifying and accelerating audits and inspections.


For operational, regional and corporate management: control and visibility of risks and trends

Checkit allows managers and process owners to define procedures and work using point and click tools, enabling rapid deployment and change with zero programming. When time is critical, new warnings or actions can be sent out to teams instantly.

Work Management works with Checkit Operational Insight dashboards to allow you to make sense of the millions of data points captured to compare and benchmark performance across organizations and identify risks, trends and opportunities.

Work Management features

Works on Android or our handheld: The Memo
Download the Checkit App to your AndroidTM phone or tablet, or use our robust, food safe, handheld device: The Memo.
Point and click checklist building

Create checklists for any task, function or process using a simple point and click interface. Checklists can be simple to-do lists or extended sequences of instructions and rules.

Checklist scheduling

Checklists can be allocated to teams on the basis of a set schedule or started on an ad hoc basis. As work becomes due, visible and (optional) audible alerts are provided. Work not done or done late is logged and alerts issued to supervisors. Time delayed follow ups can be created to use "time as a control".

Date based checks
Date based checks can be used for scenarios such as accepting or rejecting products based on ‘use by dates’, setting stock expiry and dates that equipment needs to be checked or regularly maintained.
Wireless temperature checks

Ideal for food safety - use the Checkit Wireless Temperature Probe to capture accurate temperature readings at the click of a button. Readings are automatically time-stamped and stored in the cloud. Or you can use your own equipment.

Location aware checks and QR code scanning

Checks that recognize location allow customers to associate tasks with physical sites, objects or equipment. Users can be forced to do tasks in a particular order or a certain way to enforce compliance or working practices.  Applications include: room checks, cleaning checks, inspections, equipment specific checks or maintenance tasks.

Photos and notes

Add photos to a check to confirm a task is complete or highlight an issue or a fault. Add a text description or even draw on the photo to highlight an area. Once saved photos are time-stamped, uploaded to the Cloud and visible in the Control Panel.

Document distribution

Add policy documents and reference material to help users with their work. Link files to locations - company-wide documents for all, localized ones for teams and sites. New and updated documents are automatically added, keeping the library up to date.

Alert management and reporting

As work is carried out by your teams, alerts and exceptions are generated. Sent via email or viewed in the app alerts can be actioned, managed or automatically escalated, in the web based Control Center. This creates a full audit trail of actions and decisions to effectively manage compliance. View or export reports using the standard reporting tools.


Configure temperature units customize language and change time-zones.

Secure data storage

Checkit employs the latest cloud computing technology to deliver a highly robust and scalable solution. All data is stored, encrypted and replicated across locations to ensure integrity, availability and resilience.

The Checkit Platform

Checkit services are delivered on a leading edge, industrial scale Internet Platform.
That means reliability, security and a common way to manage across different services.

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One simple subscription

Cloud software + data storage + integrated hardware + support

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Highly scalable

Single site to complex enterprise

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Advanced solutions

Flexible, business-driven configuration without complex IT

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring – continually capturing data points on your organisation’s performance, while Operational Insight turns that data into intelligent, useful information.

Checkit products

Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need – no complex IT, all in pricing with no surprises, great support.