Operational Insight

Checkit Operational Insight is business intelligence software that provides real-time visibility of business performance and trends.

Checkit Work Management and Automated Monitoring capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy.  Operational Insight pulls this data together into usable information that gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation.

  • Is work being done on time?
  • Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues?
  • Are processes running within specification?
  • Is equipment available and operating?

Performance can be tracked by site, team and process, creating the visibility needed to track records and make sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.

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Top to bottom control, management and visibility of operational and business performance in real-time.

For senior managers

  • Define KPIs to manage sites and regions
  • Track trends and comparators
  • Identify and act on issues

For regional and site managers

  • Act on performance issues in real time rather than having to wait for a routine inspection
  • Improve performance to set higher standards

* Checkit Operational Insight requires an Enterprise Edition subscription