Automated Monitoring

Save staff time, minimize wastage and financial loss

Checkit’s smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24/7 monitoring to protect valuable stock, appliances and processes.


Temperature sensors and more

Checkit smart sensors provide wireless real-time monitoring and recording of multiple conditions including temperature, humidity, equipment and door closing from a single cloud system.

  • Temperature sensing across a wide range from -112°F to +500°F
  • Humidity sensing
  • Door closure monitoring
  • Relay closure monitoring
  • Sealed temperature sensors with a battery life of two years
  • Sensors are available with full calibration certificates.

Automated temperature monitoring network sensors

Portable - works offline

Checkit sensors keep working wherever they are, logging data and uploading it when they get online, making them ideal to record conditions for deliveries and vehicles.

Applications include: food transport and the transfer of medical or pathological samples.


Driven from the cloud

Checkit is fully cloud based, securely storing data in three different locations and making readings and alerts available from anywhere. It is designed to be fully resilient, continuing to work for days even if the internet is interrupted. No servers to install or manage.

Centrally configure and manage – Use the Checkit Control Center to manage and configure alerts through the cloud. Set up rules for alert limits, when they apply and delays until they are triggered. Access and monitor from any location - so no need for site visits.

Cloud reporting - open interfaces allow compliance information to be extracted and reported in third party systems as well as Checkit’s Operational Insights dashboards.

Automated temperature monitoing alert reports


Robust wireless technology

Checkit has been engineered using low power Zigbee™ network technology to create reliable connectivity and extend sensor battery life. Our architecture ensures that data and functionality are maintained even if a network or component fails.

Hardware and software as a service

With Checkit Automated Monitoring, you pay a simple fee per month for what matters to you – the number of sensors.  That subscription covers all the networking hardware, the sensors, calibration swap out, support and all software and storage.

Replace manual checks with 24/7 automated monitoring Save staff time, minimise wastage and financial loss Identify issues, trends and equipment failures quickly Gain real-time multi-site visibility from any location Centralise compliance, auditing and reporting.
What it does
24*7 automated monitoring Sends time-stamped readings to the cloud Allows you to set up your own alert rules, limits and triggers Maintains data and functionality if a network or component fails Generates alerts and escalations.
Temperature sensing from -80°C to +260°C Portable - works offline for deliveries and mobile workers Cloud based, fully resilient, secure managed solution Robust wireless technology Hardware and software as a service.

The Checkit Platform

Checkit services are delivered on a leading edge, industrial scale Internet Platform.
That means reliability, security and a common way to manage across different services.

Compliance tick

One simple subscription

Cloud software + data storage + integrated hardware + support

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Highly scalable

Single site to complex enterprise

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Advanced solutions

Flexible, business-driven configuration without complex IT

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring – continually capturing data points on your organisation’s performance, while Operational Insight turns that data into intelligent, useful information.

Checkit products

Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need – no complex IT, all in pricing with no surprises, great support.