Leisure and hospitality

Whether you are managing a hotel, conference centre or theme park, attention to detail is central to delivering an outstanding experience to customers.

From service quality and cleanliness to foodservice and health & safety to cleaning and maintenance - across multiple disciplines, across multiple sites - inconsistency and lack of attention to detail damages reputations and earnings.

Front line processes are key to quality and efficiency...

Managing daily operations for large, complex sites demands attention to a vast range of processes, routines and reporting mechanisms. If rooms, rides or facilities aren't available or quality is not what's expected, revenues and reputations will suffer, even more so now that a single customer’s unsatisfactory experience can be amplified via social media.

Delivering the desired experience across all activities and to all guests depends on the consistent application of policies, procedures and compliance – hundreds or even thousands of staff, undertaking dozens of daily tasks that add up to optimised service delivery.

... and compliance

Making sure that everyone is kept safe and that legal obligations are met depends on knowing the right actions are being undertaken by the right people, at the right time all across your operations.

Great processes need the right systems

For many businesses getting the right systems in place has been a headache.  Paper-based systems are impossible to manage, simple audit applications don't manage getting work done, and building individual applications is complex and slow.

Checkit’s smart technology provides a new approach - tailored solutions built in minutes, easily changed, and no coding.

Addressing key challenges

  • Ensuring that rooms, facilities and attractions are always available to maximize revenues
  • Guaranteeing quality of experience even with large workforces and high turnover of staff
  • Ensuring that the highest standards of safety and maintenance are delivered
  • Creating efficiencies, minimizing wastage and tracking compliance
  • Empowering teams where organizations are complex
  • Understanding front-line issues and identifying risks
  • Standardizing working practices across services and contracts
  • Creating visibility and early warning of performance problems for managers

How can Checkit help?

Checkit’s smart business productivity tools move tasks, checklists and workflow management from paper to digital improving efficiency, consistency and visibility, freeing up staff to do their real job.

Typical applications

If you have teams of workers delivering services - whether they are serving food, maintaining safety, handling goods, providing or maintaining working facilities or working in the field - chances are we can help.  Get in touch to see how digitizing processes and tasks can benefit your organization.


Transform how you manage on the front line

Checkit Work Management AppCheckit’s Platform provides the technology to ensure the efficient execution of routine activities, providing top to bottom visibility of work as it happens.

  • Work Management – use our App on your phone or our Memo device to take control of front line work, making sure that the right people do the right thing in the right place at the right time.
  • Automated Monitoring – smart wireless sensing networks using Internet of Things technologies replace manual checks with 24*7 monitoring to protect valuable stock and processes.
  • Operational Insight Dashboards – collates the data gathered from Work Management, Automated Monitoring or other systems into usable information on performance and trends. Track data by site, team and process to give an unprecedented view on the health of your organization.

Manage and monitor performance in real time

Customer experience and safety depends on many routine tasks being done right, every time. Paper systems just aren’t up to the job.

Checkit Work Management takes care of this, enabling you to schedule tasks through a cloud based system that alerts, prompts and guides your staff to carry them out, step-by-step, improving quality of service, reducing risk and training costs.

  • Interactive checklists actively prompt staff to perform tasks when and where they are required
  • Identify problems and issues for attention without always needing to be on site
  • Frees time to focus on customers, not administration
  • Gives management real time visibility of performance and compliance trends

Save staff time and food wastage with smart wireless monitoring

Checkit smart sensors provide wireless real-time monitoring and recording of multiple conditions including temperature, humidity, equipment and door closing from a single cloud system.

  • Save time, money and hours of staff time by continuously monitoring fridge, freezer and chilled cabinet temperatures, 24/7
  • Cut food wastage by keeping fridges and freezers at optimum temperatures
  • Real-time alerts identify maintenance issues and faulty equipment early, whether you are on or off site

Understand business performance and trends

Operational Insight pulls together data from Work Management and Automated Monitoring into usable business intelligence for managers.

This gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organization, making regional and national managers more productive and able to manage more effectively remotely.

  • Is work being done on time?
  • Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues?
  • Are processes running within specification?
  • Is equipment available and operating?

Checkit makes sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.


Smarter working improves performance

Checkit gives organizations a new level of real-time monitoring and reporting – enabling smarter decision-making, risk reduction and more efficient allocation of resources.


  • Every check tracked and recorded
  • Every action logged and accounted for
  • Every appliance fault alerted


  • Saves staff time, slashes training time and minimizes wastage
  • Cuts down site admin and lets staff get on with real work not paperwork


  • Improve control over statutory risks; simplify passing audits and inspections
  • Enforce and continuously monitor group standards from any location
  • Identify issues early to avoid escalation

What our customers are saying

Holiday Resort

“Each Checkit unit has saved an hours labor each day. That might not sound much, but when you talk about the whole business operation it represents over than 20,000 hours per year.

“Checkit was chosen not only because it provides a single-vendor solution, from temperature monitoring to food safety, but it can also scale to our needs. This allows us scope to diversify into front-of-house and business intelligence reporting. It’s a partnership with a bright future.”

“We can now reinvest saved time back on the business, improving controls and training people.”

Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager

Business intelligence dashboards and Operational Insight from Checkit

A few of our delighted customers

From luxury hotels to independent restaurants, food manufactures, hospitals and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.