The importance of data visibility in food service operations

Successfully managing daily food service operations across multiple sites demands attention to a vast ecosystem of processes, reporting mechanisms and routines.

Facing various economic and market-driven challenges, the food service industry is under pressure to ensure standards are maintained, whether just for one location or multiple sites; efficiency, consistent excellent customer experience and revenue generation are top priorities.

Data accessibility and management have become crucial in all food service operations. It’s essential to understand how people, processes and equipment are performing—or not.

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?

  • Is work being done on time?
  • Are issues being dealt with quickly and accurately?
  • Are your storage temperatures under control at all sites 24/7?
  • Are daily processes being conducted as specified, and are they compliant?
  • Which suppliers are having deliveries constantly rejected?
  • Which locations need attention before their next inspection?
  • How is site A performing against site B?

If one or more of those questions is impossible to answer, you’ve got trouble. Low visibility, lack of control and insufficient monitoring of performance are all problematic. Blind spots leave food service businesses vulnerable to risks, resulting in potentially huge business liabilities. Find out more in our new ebook – Taking Foodservice Operations Digital.

 Embracing technology

State-of-the-art food service businesses would not dream of managing their billing, finance, payroll or customer databases just on paper; instead, they now use POS, ERP, HR and CRM software systems. However, when it comes to tracking and guiding the actual work people do and the status of the machines they rely on, most still use pen and paper. This represents a huge blind spot for organizations—and can raises many of the questions above.

That is essentially why we here , at Checkit , we have developed an end-to-end operations management solution, whether you need an  out-of-the-box digital food safety solution, a complete compliance service or an intelligent platform that provides real-time visibility of teams, locations, processes and trends.

Checkit’s technology optimizes resources  and allows performance to be managed more accurately, thereby mitigating risks, improving workforce engagement and driving compliance.

For front line staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. Supervisors can automatically create work schedules, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers, it creates broad control and consistency, providing continuous insight across the business and helping them make sure due diligence is in place. The result is improved business performance, secure data storage and real-time transparency and understanding across all locations.

To find out more about Checkit and how we can help you, call 1-833-44-CHECK (833-442-4325) or get a quote.


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Checkit provides Real-Time Operations Management for businesses that need to ensure work gets done at the right time, in the right place, by the right people.

For front line staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. For supervisors it automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers it creates broad control and consistency, providing continual insights across the business.