Checkit applications

Checkit’s smart business productivity tools help businesses of any size, in any industry to manage people, processes and compliance - whatever the function.

Moving tasks, checklists and workflow management from paper to digital improves efficiency, consistency and visibility, freeing up staff to do their real job.

Serving customers

  • Front of house presentation / customer journey compliance
  • Customer feedback
  • Ambient temperature monitoring
  • Customer experience prompts (e.g. to drive upsell or give desired experience)
  • Making sure customer facing facilities are available (e.g. bowling lane, hotel room)
  • Merchandising display
  • Product availability

Keeping safe

  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Fire safety
  • Lone worker/mobile workers (e.g. care workers checking in/out)
  • Equipment safety and maintenance
  • Vehicle checks, servicing and maintenance
  • First aid / incident reporting
  • Emergency and incident procedure

Managing staff

  • HR (e.g. return to work)
  • Training recording
  • Training checklists
  • Making documents, guidelines and manuals available
  • Entry and sign in procedure (e.g. to factory floor)

Serving food

  • Food safety checks
  • Hot hold monitoring
  • Fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Home delivery food safety
  • Allergens control

Providing rooms, facilities

  • Room cleaning and preparation
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Servicing instructions and process
  • Building energy management

Providing services in the field

  • Worker tracking
  • Job definition and recording
  • Allocating stock to inventory
  • Capturing stock or equipment usage
  • Job sheet, closure and sign off
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Handling or selling products

  • Stock levels and product availability
  • Quality (e.g. product appearance)
  • Delivery inspections


  • Recording operator actions
  • Watering, feeding, checking crops or animals
  • Equipmant maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Incident records
  • Process training


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