About us

Checkit provides business process management software for organizations that need to ensure safe, reliable and efficient performance of frontline staff.

Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and part of Elektron Technology Group PLC, Checkit allows managers to define, monitor and analyze key aspects of operational, process and business performance that depend on critical routine tasks.

Through its unique combination of simple and effective checklist application building, real-time alerts, seamless integration of smart sensors and cloud analytics, it helps businesses protect revenue, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Regardless of the size of the business, through online dashboards Checkit delivers insight of key activities, simplifying management and helping achieve and maintain consistency in standards, business processes and performance.

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring which capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy.  Operational Insight pulls this data together into usable information that gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation.