5 ways technology is transforming Restaurants

The growing availability of easy to use, affordable and profitable solutions is driving the uptake of restaurants technology, changing both the customer experience and the way the business is run. From improving productivity to boosting social media scores, a tech solution exists for nearly every issue. The only question is, are you savvy enough to make the most of the opportunities available?

Below we have listed five ways technology is helping restaurants to optimize performance, shape their image and streamline operations.

1. Geo-targeting

Geomapping technology connects diners with restaurants in their area. It facilitates more successful marketing campaigns and helps ensure that customers get offers that are relevant to them and which they have easy access to.

2. Going cashless

Contactless cards, ApplePay, Google Wallet… restaurants are increasingly looking to streamline the payment process. New technologies predict an end to cumbersome cash transactions and pockets full of change. Cashless transactions allow customers to pay quicker and restaurants to minimize time spent handling the payment, also at the end of the day, when less change needs to be ordered, stored and counted. Modern payment technologies also get the thumbs up from customers. Recent research suggested that customers are increasingly suspicious of eating in restaurants that don’t accept a card, with one in ten even associating a lack of technology with possible issues with food quality.

3. Boosting interactivity

From promotions to gain customer reviews to tailored music playlists and instant competitions, social media provides restaurant managers with a valuable way of interacting with customers in real time. A range of solutions for measuring customer satisfaction exists, offering the possibility to receive immediate feedback from verified guests. This can help identify new opportunities to attract customers and speed up damage control when possible issues are identified.

4. From manual to digital

In a world where social media ensures that bad news travel fast, good food hygiene and quality control are crucial for success and business have to keep up-to-date with recent restaurants technology. By implementing digital checklists, such as Checkit, restaurants can ensure high standards are met. In the kitchen, digital check lists help staff complete vital safety checks on schedule, ensure consistency across multiple sites and save valuable office space by storing the records in the Cloud for easy future reference. Front of house, digital check lists help make sure that daily tasks, such as restocking and checking the cleanliness of toilets, are completed in a timely fashion. In addition to many other benefits, digital check lists make kitchens more efficient as repetitive checks no longer need to be done by high-paid members of staff, for example chefs. Instead, step by step instructions and easy to operate handsets mean that checks can be entrusted to less senior kitchen staff with minimal training, saving time and wages.

5. Personalization

By offering customers personalized service, restaurants can give the impression of going the extra mile, but luckily this no longer means having to teach new staff members to memorize the regulars’ orders. With the right tech even a newbie can get the order just right and ensure a smooth transaction, with an added personal touch. Many coffee chains are already utilising personalization in their apps. For example, the app from Harris + Hoole allows customers to first specify their signature drink, and then order it by asking for ‘the usual’ when checking in at the café. This saves the customers from having to repeatedly specify their preferences and helps staff guarantee the drinks are always exactly as ordered, ensuring consistency in quality despite different locations and servers.


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